It is important you read our terms and services before doing business with us. This is an electronic document but has the same legal effect in signed document. It is important you agree with our terms of services, if not, you will not be able to do business with us.

We are refer to Capital Investment LIMITED, us, we, and "You" "Investor" Client" are refer to as anyone using our website. Capital Investment limited trade in Forex, oil, gold, cryptos and many online stocks for profit. We trade using our own account, and can trade for you, given you certain agreed percentage of profit.

It is important you read and understand your local laws to know if online trading of such is legally accepted in your local jurisdiction and also your responsibility to read and understand how online trading and investment works, before deciding to do bossiness with us. You must be of age 18.

Capital Investment may collect information from you such as you name, email, mobile number, and must keep such information privately , will never share it with anyone.

We are to provide you our payment system, which you must use to make payment to us, upon receiving and acknowledge your deposit, we will credit your Capital Investment profile with received amount. This amount much be up to our deposit minimum.

We ensure timely and accurate crediting of profit in your Capital Investment profile according to the rules of this website and investment package choosing by an investor.

You are to provide us accurate information about you, and correct wallet and payment address , in case we send your fund to a wrong account, wallet address due to wrong information you provided, the company will not be responsible for such action.

All payment are final and can not be reverse . once you have send a payment to us, you can not ask for refund and once we have send a payment to you, we can not ask for a refund. Payment are process using the same channel we receive the deposit. You can not deposit via bitcoin and request withdrawal via lite coin for example.

We do not allow third party investment, you must be the original owner of your wallets and funds. If malicious activities is detected from you, Capital Investment reserve the right to banned you from using our services without a refund, until proper investigation is carried out and concluded.

Operation of Multiple account is not allowed. You can not refer yourself , if such activities discovered, you may risk your account been suspended.

You must not use our services for fraudulent activities of any type, and must respect the right of any investor , client or member of Capital Investment.

In case of any unforeseen Force majeure circumstances that may arise, measures shall be put in place to make sure investors funds are protected and possibly return to their wallet.

The company reserve the right to suspend or change any investment circle, we also reserve the right to modify such as reduce or increase and investment interest, notice may not be send to investors for this change.

The information you provided when registering with us can be used to contact you, such as calls, sending you emails, and news letters about our products and services. If you do not agree with this short terms and conditions, please do no go further using our services.